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Back on the interview trail

Here I am, once again, on the interview trail. It seems like I was just here and here. But it's been three years and I'm back in LA again, this time for fellowship interviews.

Fellowship interviews have in every way been tougher than residency interviews. First of all, I don't have the luxury of being off of work/class for months at a time (I had about 2 months off for residency interviews) where I had plenty of time for sightseeing and meeting up with friends in between. Interviews this time around have had to be squeezed in between ICU shifts, before and after night shifts, and in the middle of clinic rotations. Thankfully, nothing too crazy has happened but it's hard to get into the interview mindset when you've just worked a 12 hour shift and have to drive 4 hrs to the interview. My interviews this time around are also all over the country, however there weren't as many dates available so I've had to fly across the country a few times for all of my int…

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