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Arriving in Positano

Our journey to Positano was long and delayed, as our last day in Paris we found out that our flights were inexplicably cancelled. We had to book last minute tickets to Naples that night to avoid missing our transportation from Naples to Positano. There were very few tickets available so we booked the first ones that were available, and when we arrived at the airport we were surprised to find out we were in first class! Granted, it was a very small plane and the flight was only around 3 hours, but it still felt pretty special to be in first class on a full flight with all these businesspeople. We were joking that all of these Italian business must have been looking at us (we were in row 1) and thinking "Who are these girls?"  We had to transfer once in Milan and then reboard the same plane, and this time we were in economy :( such a fall from grace haha. Once in Naples, it was around midnight and the airport was pretty sketchy. We had no choice but to take a 20 euro taxi abo…

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