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Looking forward, looking back

As I enter my last year of residency (this is a scary thought), I've been hit with waves of nostalgia regarding my time in San Francisco, even though I have a year left here!

Last year, I lost half the friends I made intern year as they all moved onto bigger and better residencies all over the country. And this year, many of the friends I made as senior residents and chiefs are graduating, moving on to fellowships and new jobs, and half the new interns are leaving again. Not only am I going to miss them, I'm going to be one of the most senior residents in the hospital, having no more seniors to ask questions to because I'm going to be the senior. At the end of first year, I felt ready to be a second year (albeit scared to take on new responsibility) but this time, I don't want to be a third year, graduate, and leave! I feel like I am just getting used to living in San Francisco and know this is a limited, precious time in my life before I have to move away for fellowsh…

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