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Sevilla, Cordoba, and the White Villages of Andalucia

"Sevilla doesn't have ambience, Sevilla is ambiance." -- James Michener. 
Anddd it's been another three months since my last post about Granada. At least it's up within the same year that I went? 
The last of my Spain posts comes from Sevilla, the capital city in Andalucia. We stayed in Sevilla for four days, and used it as our home base while we visited nearby Cordoba and the white hill villages and Ronda. We took a 3 hour bus from Granada through the Spanish countryside (while I read The Queen's Vow, a novel about Isabella of Castille, very fitting) and arrived in Sevilla, which was immediately warmer and had a more relaxed, convivial atmosphere.  I had previously booked tickets for that morning to the Sevilla Cathedral but booked the wrong time, so after a quick delay meeting our Airbnb hosts we rushed over to see if they would still let us in. Thankfully they didn't even look at the time of our tickets and we waltzed straight in with no line. 

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