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Blue Christmas

As others have noted, I haven't posted on the blog for almost 6 months now, a long stretch even for me. Let's catch up to speed on what's been going since I moved to Virginia. Beware, it's a depressing (but realistic) read. Don't be fooled by the pictures, which were taken during brief shining moments over an overall gloomy last half of the year.

I moved to Richmond in late June, and I didn't secure an apartment until the week after I was due to start work. For the first week of my new job, I was living out of an Airbnb. Now the airbnb wasn't bad in itself, but I was living out of a suitcase and had no chance to settle in to new surroundings before I had to dive head first into work. One week after starting, I moved into my apartment. I left almost all my belongings in California except for about two suitcases of clothes, so I didn't start with much. The first few weeks were miserable, and although I didn't have any clinical responsibilities (in fa…

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