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A different sort of holiday

This year I spent the holidays in San Francisco by myself. While not the first Christmas I spent away from my family, it is the first Christmas I spent not working and with a 4-day break on my hands. While my family encouraged me to go back home for the break, I've been to the airport 7 or 8 times these past few months traveling for fellowship interviews and was just home for Thanksgiving, so opted for a staycation instead. Both of my roommates are gone for the holiday break so I had the house to myself for a whole two weeks. While I know for some people a staycation sounds like a perfect way to spend their holiday break, honestly, I was terrified of being alone.

I'm an extreme extrovert so I'm not one to need a ton of alone time or time to recharge or relax. I'm at my happiest when I am with other people doing things. I was afraid I would have no plans for Christmas Day or New Year's since all of my friends would be working or with their families in the area. Tha…

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