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I just got back from my two week vacation in Spain! Coming back from a 11 day trip at 11 pm on Sunday, going straight into a busy clinic day, then going into 4 days of call this week was pretty rough. Today is my first and only day off, and I spent it gratefully sitting in front of the TV, meal prepping, and not much else. I really should take note to not book my return flight on the day before going back to work...
I've been lucky to have visited most of Western Europe before. I covered some ground when I studied abroad in London and visited Scotland, Wales, France, and the Czech Republic in college. After college, my parents took me and my sister on a cruise where we saw Germany, Austria, Venice, and the Greek Islands. But the one glaring country I had not visited was Spain. 
My parents and sister actually went to Spain about 10 years ago when I was in the middle of studying for my medical school admission exams, so I wasn't able to go. Since we went to Paris and the Amalfi…

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