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San Francisco: From beginning to Land's End

These past few weeks have been filled with trips, celebrations, goodbyes, and last times as I graduated residency at CPMC in San Francisco and prepare to move back to the east coast for the next stage of my career. 
I struggled with this fact a lot in the previous months. As I wrote about in my New Year's blog post, I didn't plan to move back to the east coast and was hoping to continue my training in California. The fellowship match put a wrench in my plans, but ever since I found out that I had to move back to pursue my chosen career path, I've been mentally preparing myself to say goodbye. I fought tooth and nail at first, complaining to everyone I saw and feeling sorry for myself, but I eventually had no choice but to accept the reality and change my mindset to be excited for the future. 
Above all, I am so grateful to have been able to spend three years in San Francisco, living with my roommates, working with my friends at CPMC, finishing internal medicine residency,…

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